Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Browser Version Detection (OHS Customization Part 2)

One of my customers running EPM faced issues last week when some of their end users had received new laptops with Internet Explorer 9 installed. It took some time for the IT department and EPM admins to figure out that the random problems that were being reported were actually caused by the unsupported browser version instead of other technical issues. We discussed how to work around the problem of unwanted browser versions - the most important method being centralized control over browser installations of course - but this gave me an idea of giving EPM end users a warning in case they were using an unsupported web browser.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Update About EPM

Eric Helmer has blogged about the changes and new features in Enterprise Performance Management System release The usual disclaimer applies of course (things might change as it's an upcoming release) - but even if some features might not make it into the final version it's still an interesting read.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WebLogic Proxy Troubleshooting Tips for OHS and IIS

Marc Schumacher has written handy instructions for troubleshooting issues occuring with the WebLogic proxy plugin configured into OHS (Oracle HTTP Server) or IIS web servers. Head on to the Oracle EPM/OBI - Product Assurance Engineering blog to check them out.

Tidy Up WebLogic Server After EPM System Installation

Here are two recommended tasks for WebLogic Server you can perform to make your fresh EPM installation more production-ready:
  • Remove the Demo CA certificate that is installed with WebLogic for development and testing purposes
  • Specify the Listen Address so WebLogic will only bind to the production network interface (instead of all interfaces including backup and management networks which is the default behavior) 
Read on to see how to carry out these changes.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Must-Have Patch for Load-Balanced HFM Environments

If you're planning to install an EPM environment where HFM web components are running on two web servers you should definitely pick up the following patch from Oracle Support:
  • Shared Services Patch Set Exception (PSE): 13240594

The patch fixes (among a few other things) an issue with the clustered OHS (Oracle HTTP Server) ProxyPass configuration which is automatically created by EPM System Configurator. The incorrect configuration caused me quite a few head-scratching moments before I found out about the HSS patch as it messes up cookie handling for LCM and potentially also for some other web applications. So be sure to apply this and follow the instructions in the readme file carefully!