Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Quick Test With PSU

I did a quick test of applying the recent Patch Set Update .500 (patch nr. 17529887) on top of my existing EPM virtual installation. At this moment I have Foundation, HFM and Financial Reporting installed on the VM (running on Server 2008 R2). As already noted by Cameron in his blog post and also by Oracle Support (see doc ID 1640411.1) the patch is not always installed successfully... Below you can see how your system should look like during the process and after applying the patch.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Patch Set Update Released For All EPM Products

Damnit John, you beat me to it... ;) Read the details about the long-awaited PSU that brings support for IE10 (among other changes) on John Goodwin's blog: EPM patch has landed.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Essbase Released

Looks like Essbase has been the first product in the EPM code line to receive the PSU 500 treatment. The following patches have been released for Essbase and its helper applications on Monday:

Patch ID
Essbase Client MSI (Windows)
Essbase Client (OPatch)
Essbase Runtime Client
Essbase Server
Essbase Administration Server
Provider Services

The updates include a large number of fixes but this is not just a bugfix release, especially not for Essbase Server. Take a look at the list of new features after the jump:

Friday, February 7, 2014

Infratects Top Gun 2014 Event

This year's Top Gun event is drawing closer. You still have an opportunity to sign up and get your share of this exceptional selection of technical EPM/Hyperion content:
  • Keynote Speaker Kash Mohammadi (VP Product Development EPM/BI at Oracle) will be covering the latest developments in Oracle EPM products.
  • Presentations with topics ranging from EPM customer projects to troubleshooting, tools, integrations and more presented by Infratects staff, our customers and Oracle.
  • Chance to meet and greet the Infratects staff and other Hyperion professionals from customers and partners.
The two-day conference will be held in the respected Hotel Okura in Amsterdam on March 14th and 15th. Visit the Events page on the Infratects website for registration information:

See you in Amsterdam!

Top Gun 2014 logo

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Backup Utility And Index Update Utility for HFM And Later

In my previous post I mentioned the following information that was originally included in the readme file for HFM Patch Set Update 306 (the rows have later been removed though):

  • Defect Fixed: 16317490 - HFM application backup utility provided for
  • Defect Fixed: 12332259 - HFM Index update utility provided for

I thought this meant that the aforementioned utilities would be included in the PSU package but this was not the case. The Application Backup Utility has been updated to support HFM versions and but you still have to log on to Oracle Support and open the following article to download it: How To Use HFM Application Backup Utility (HFMApplicationBackUpUtility.exe)? - Doc ID 1515967.1

Please note that the HFM Application Backup Utility is not meant for production use (as a means to back up your HFM applications for example). But I still find it handy for extracting single applications from a running system (the tool produces a single zip file) and loading them into a virtual machine for testing or troubleshooting purposes. The utility includes options for anonymizing data values and strings, making it safer to transfer applications into sandbox environments.

The HFM Index Update Utility is still a mystery though. The original Support article written about the utility (How to Find the FMIndexUpdateUtility for Hyperion Financial Management? - Doc ID 1535195.1) tells me that I should find an updated version included in the new HFM PSU package but either I am blind or it just is not there. I have just asked Support about the utility and will update the post once I receive their reply.

2014-02-03 - Update from Oracle Support about the Index Update Utility (thanks Usha):

It seems that the statement about the updated HFM index utility has been added to the documents in error:
"Development are currently working on an indexing utility that will work with, but currently there is no such utility available"

Thursday, January 9, 2014

December Patch Set Update Bonanza

Quite a few Patch Set Updates were released for the EPM products in December. The latest ones for HFM and Planning (both PSU 306) are probably the biggest updates and include lots of fixes for both products. HFM for example has received further improvements to web data form performance and two handy utilities - HFM Application Backup Utility and HFM Index Update Utility - have made a comeback. Have a look at the readme files for more details and the prerequisites!

Oracle Business Analytics - Proactive Support blog: December EPM "Patch Set Updates" released