Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Steps To Completely Uninstall EPM 11.1.2.x + Greetings From Top Gun 2015

I returned from the Infratects Top Gun conference on Sunday. The event, this time held in London, was once again a great opportunity to get insights on the latest EPM release (straight from Oracle Product Development of course) and meet lots of like-minded people. The presentations (except the ones from Oracle devs, I assume) will be published on the event's web site soon. See

Opening speech by Soner Bekir

To get back into blogging I thought I'd start with an easy post. Oracle has published an article yesterday that helps in case you need to get rid of all EPM products installed on a server. There are quite a few tasks to carry out so the list acts as a useful reminder even if you already know all the bits you need to clean up.

And a couple more photos from Top Gun to wrap things up properly:

Francisco giving a presentation on FDMEE

Traditional transport to the social event

Dinner served high on the Tower Bridge walkway

The mandatory tourist photo