Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Smart View

Oracle has released a new version of the Smart View Office add-in: Most of the new features are meant to be used with Essbase:
  • New Essbase Expense Type Option - inverts the sign for data in columns related to revenue, liability, and owner's equity accounts (for ASO databases)
  • New option called Enable Varying Attributes allows Essbase users to display #Invalid or #NumericZero for cells that are empty only because they are not associated with the context attribute or varying attribute in a query
  • You can now use an MDX-based calculation script to calculate an ASO database in Oracle Analytics Cloud
  • New View Properties button in the OBI EE ribbon
  • Enhanced Move Formatting options - since Move Formatting on Operations may affect performance on zoom operations, this Oracle Smart View for Office formatting option is now always disabled by default.

You can read more about these features in the SV readme file.

Smart View Health Check

Health Check is a handy new tool that has been added to the SV Help menu.

The tool displays version details for the operating system, Excel and Smart View and also shows the most important settings affecting SV performance and stability. There is a button you can click to set recommended settings on the user profile level. This is nice functionality for troubleshooting refresh issues that are often caused by timeout settings not being tuned properly in Windows registry.

Firefox Extension

Firefox ESR 60 and later require all add-ons to be created in the new WebExtension format (as mentioned in my previous post). Oracle has now updated the Firefox extension that is used by the “Open in Smart View” links in EPM/Hyperion web forms (only Firefox needs this extension - Internet Explorer opens the links in a different way). It's worth noting that the extension is no more distributed with the Smart View package like it used to be and therefore all Firefox users need to install it separately from the Mozilla Add-ons website. It is also possible to automate the installation using alternative distribution options.


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