Tuesday, April 21, 2015

HFM - Proven Performance?

Since EPM was released in February, we have been busy testing the new release on the Infratects lab servers. It seems that Oracle was not bluffing when they showed us some very promising performance figures in Kscope14... HFM indeed seems to give a nice boost to most of the customer's applications we have tested so far. I did a 2 Minute Tech Tip session with Bob Rhubart of OTN ArchBeat in March in which I shared some of our initial findings. See the video below for this bite-size introduction into what makes the new HFM version so fast.

My colleague Kieron Cassidy from our Netherlands office has collected the consolidation test results into a nice white paper which you can download from the Infratects website:  White Paper: Hyperion Financial Management - Real Performance Improvements

Personally I have installed two EPM environments for different customers so far. These are Development/Test environments, with first Production ones scheduled to be implemented in May. There are plenty of upgrade projects in the pipeline and it's nice to see that customers are willing to give this version a try. Watch this space as I'm planning to post new stuff about the release soon!