Thursday, January 26, 2012

Get More Out Of Oracle Support - Part 1

The Oracle Support HOT Topics Email

In my first post I promised to concentrate on technical things but I have noticed that a lot of people working with EPM/Hyperion products do not know about this useful feature available on the Oracle Support site. The HOT Topics Email allows you to receive notifications about new and modified Knowledge Base articles concerning products you subscribe to on your profile page. The topics for these articles vary from bugfixes to general hints and tips and they might provide a solution to that small annoying problem you have been suffering from but have not bothered to create a Support Request about yet.

To subscribe to the emails you should log in to Oracle Support, select More and Settings from the topmost tabs and then the Hot Topics E-Mail item from the left-hand menu. Besides the products you want included you can specify several options such as the frequency for the emails and whether to include your open SRs too.

Once you're done just save the settings - and enjoy your daily (or weekly) dose of new EPM knowledge!

Reference Pages

So called reference pages (or meta/index pages) are useful starting points for finding information about a certain product or topic. I thought I'd share some reference articles from my Favorites list to show what kind of content is already available. (Note that the links take you to the Oracle Support Flash interface)
Tip: You can find more reference pages by searching for "information center" on Oracle Support and selecting Product Category "Middleware > Enterprise Performance Management" from the left-hand menu.

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