Friday, August 10, 2012

A Ton Of Updates For EPM

I just noticed that the long awaited Patch Set Update for HFM has been released yesterday. And Financial Management is not the only product to get the PSU .300 treatment - read below for a full list of recently released updates for EPM

Quite a set of update packages indeed! I ask everybody to come back and share any experiences you have after applying any of these updates.

Update (September 7th):

Thanks to Nick for pointing out that additional PSU 300 updates have been later released for the following products:
The following patches are also required by the HFM and Planning updates:

I have applied most of these patches to a couple of customer environments and didn't encounter any issues so far. One thing worth mentioning is that the ADF patches need to be applied using OPatch installed to a different Oracle home as they update files under the <MIDDLEWARE_HOME>\oracle_common directory. There are clear instructions for applying the ADF stuff in the HFM PSU 300 readme though so the difference is not a big deal.

The Planning PSU feels a bit "old school" because it involves copying the good old HSPJS.jar and some other miscellaneous files across servers if you're applying the update in a distributed environment. I had hoped these manual tasks would have been a thing of the past with EPM 11.1.2.x but it seems that it's not easy for Planning to shake off this old habit.


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the post. The SmartView patch number is 14362638.

  2. Oops! Corrected it now. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Hi,

    There's a few more patches for version 300 released, especially planning which I've been waiting for:

    ADF psu 14339256
    EPMA 14031912
    FR 13997553
    Planning 13905088


    1. Thanks! I have now updated the post to include these PSUs and added some thoughts after having installed them for a couple of customers.

  4. Hello.

    Are you aware of issues pertaining to the version 300? We recently experienced several errors after applying the patcset to an environment for HFM. After following all pre-reqs and the install documentation, while installing the HFM & ADF patches, it was later requesting to re-deploy HFM. However, couldn't launch the config utility. Supposedly this is an 'unofficial bug', per Oracle developers in the US. Unfortunately, restores have failed - so we are looking to start from scratch again.

    If you have any information, please e-mail

    Thank you and kindest regards,

    1. Ouch! Starting from scratch is something you definitely don't expect when applying a patch... I must say that I have not encountered this issue in the environments I have applied PSU 300 in. If you have any information about the circumstances that might trigger this bug, please do share them here.

    2. Hi Mark/Henri

      We are having the same error with a HFM Patch update where we can't launch the config utility
      Any Ideas what causes this error?



  5. We're getting a couple of errors going into

    1) Server Connection failed Status=12031. Workspace error, usually while browsing around HFM. Intermittent and cant find any related logs on Windows event log, IIS log, HFM log. Performance slows down following this error for sometime. We're checking load balancer logs too.

    2) HFM Journal Entry export error: Export introduces a blank group GROUP=; into the exported file. You have to delete this line in order to reimport the J/E file else it errors out.

    3) Have received recommendations to go to IE 9 for Planning. Browser Interactivty/performance issues reported. Testing this now.


  6. Hi,
    I apply these patches every week on different customer boxes. Never faced any such issues. Just make sure , ADF patches are applied first and in order . Then switch to HFM patches.
    Only issue I had faced once was in my workspace > consolidation page would not open to create an application. But with removing ADF and reapplying it was fixed.
    The order would be
    13952743, 14339256 & 14263103 – Planning/HFM ADF patches

    1. Download patches to /hyperion/oracle_common/OPatch
    2. cd /$1/hyperion/oracle_common/OPatch
    3. ./opatch apply 13952743 (On Planning servers)
    4. ./opatch apply 14339256 (On Planning servers)
    5. Verify status using "./opatch lsinventory"

    Steps vary a little on HFM Server

    1. opatch.bat apply D:\\hyperion\oracle_common\OPatch\13952743 -oh D:\\hyperion\oracle_common -jre D:\\hyperion\jdk160_29

    2. opatch.bat apply D:\\hyperion\oracle_common\OPatch\14263103 -oh D:\\hyperion\oracle_common -jre D:\\hyperion\jdk160_29

    NOTE: patch 13952743 is common for both planning and hfm
    Only patch#2 varies.