Wednesday, September 5, 2012

PSU 600 Brings IE9 Support To EPM

The following Patch Set Updates have been made available on Oracle Support with the primary purpose of adding support for Internet Explorer 9 into Oracle EPM System Release

You should apply the PSUs for Shared Services and Workspace in all environments and include the other specific updates depending on what products are installed. Take time to study the readme files carefully as some of the updates (especially the one for Planning) includes quite a few prerequisites and also instructions to work around known issues.

I'm not sure if these will be the only products to receive (or to require) the IE9 treatment but this information will hopefully be added to the EPM certification matrix document soon. It's also worth noting that the readme file for the Planning PSU mentions that even with these updates applied, Internet Explorer 9 is still supported in compatibility view mode only.

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  1. Henri

    Great info. I also found the patch for HFR (14406630)

    Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting Release Patch Set Update (PSU):

    This patch set update requires the following:
    Install Oracle® Hyperion Smart View, Fusion Edition Release

    Looked at the support matrix and it does not show sv working with HFM

    Do you know if sv works with