Monday, August 12, 2013

EPM Patches Roundup For The Summer

Having returned back to work I needed to check what has happened in the world of Oracle EPM software while I've been busy running after our kids in the Moomin World. Here is a list containing the latest EPM patches (based on the Business Analytics Proactive Support blog post but expanding it a bit with some comments and a couple of new PSUs).

Update 2013-08-13: Added HSS PSU that was "hidden" by Oracle (not included in the Available PSUs document).

  • Patch Set Update (patch number 16815318) for Oracle Data Relationship Management - Fixes for the repository upgrade process, for migration loads and several other features.


  • Patch Set Update (patch number 14558930) for Oracle Hyperion Reporting and Analysis Foundation - Updates LCM in so you can import artifacts into EPM Also fixes bug 16097467 that causes the Search Indexing service to generate an abnormal amount of CPU load in some cases when new content has been migrated to the RA Framework repository. I have seen this issue in the wild after performing a migration so I'm glad to see that there's now a proper fix for it (I had to disable the Search Indexing service in RAF to get around it).
  • PSU (patch 17250880for Oracle Hyperion Financial Management - A large number of fixes but among the most important ones are the included patches that correct HFM web form performance issues. This PSU should include the fixes that were already present in PSU304 plus the additional later fix (PSE 16948438). We got great results from a load test we did for a customer running HFM PSU304 and the PSE and I assume this PSU will perform more of less the same way. 
  • PSU (patch 16903505) for Oracle Hyperion Shared Services - Recurring HFM taskflows fixed, issue with the LCM command line utility corrected
  • PSU (patch 16484903) for Financial Reporting - plenty of bug fixes, many of which are targetting PDF output issues in FR.
  • PSU (patch 16992252) for Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management - Drill-through issue from FDM to ERPI fixed
  • PSU (patch 16901797) for Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management - A dozen assorted fixes for DRM. This is a full installation as usual. 
  • PSU (patch 16932440) for Oracle Hyperion Reporting and Analysis for Interactive Reporting - Pie charts fixed when using JAWS screen reader
  • PSU (patch 16221992) for Oracle Hyperion Reporting and Analysis for Web Analysis - Two fixes for WA reports migrated from 9.3.x.


  • PSU (patch 15883303) for Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Architect - A large number of fixes and workarounds for EPMA. See the readme file for details.
  • PSU (patch 16906210) for Oracle Hyperion Planning - A large number of fixes for Planning Note that the Oracle Support page "Available Patch Sets and Patch Set Updates" has incorrect patch number for this PSU. PSU 600 must first be applied as a basis for this package.
  • PSU (patch 16847890) for Oracle Hyperion Reporting and Analysis for Web Analysis - issue with dropdown menus fixed

 Looks like there will be plenty of work to do this autumn, doesn't it?

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