Wednesday, June 10, 2015

No More Remote XUL Manager!

This is a quick post to point out a cool feature in EPM that I have somehow overlooked (thanks to Nicklas Englund for the tip!). In previous EPM versions you had to install an extension called Remote XUL Manager in order to use EPM web applications with the Firefox browser. The EPM System certification matrix document also included a note about this: "Firefox 17+ ESR and 24+ ESR requires Remote XUL Manager 1.0.1 Add-on". In this requirement has suddenly been removed without so much as a word in the readme file!

This must mean that EPM developers have dropped remote XUL in favor of some other web interface development technology. I tested Firefox 31.7.0 ESR and indeed the browser works just fine without installing the Remote XUL Manager extension:

Look mum, no extensions!

I found EPM Workspace working without a hitch.

The good thing about this change is that Firefox is now easier to deploy because you don't need to worry about distributing and configuring another browser add-on.


  1. this add-in is also no longer required with - tested on Firefox 38 ESR for Mac

    1. Thanks for this tip! Being on summer vacation I haven't got to trying with Firefox myself yet. :)